Our Story


Be Hungry for Change

Back in 2009, Jessica Watson was working the corporate life. There were grey cubicles everywhere and she literally worked within the box she was told to always think outside of. “I’ll never regret my 5 years of corporate life,” says Watson. “On a basic level its taught me a lot of the structure and communication skills necessary to run my own business.” But she was always hungry for something more, and began freelancing on the site to help quench that thirst to be right in the middle of the action.



Pay Attention to the Market

In 2009 the company where Watson worked was being drastically affected by the economic climate of the time. On the flip side, Watson was seeing an increase in new projects for her freelance business, so much so that she brought in a second designer to help handle the work load. And literally, just like in the cartoons, a light bulb clicked on above her head. She knew if she worked hard and planned accordingly, she could transform from being a freelancer to becoming a business owner.



Don’t be Afraid to Jump

In April 2010, JWatson Creative was born. It took a team of solid advisers and the support of friends and family. 4 years later, the company is running strong with a core team of talented professionals, and network of freelancers that span the globe. Additionally, Watson incorporates travel into her work life, as away to stay on top of marketing and design trends and foster new ideas for her clients.