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  • merelydelayed

    Some Thoughts on Little Delays

    About mid summer, I took a hiking journey in Virginia that led me to spectacular views of the sun setting over rolling hills and mountainous terrain. Little did I know what awaited on my descent.

    CATEGORY: This Creative Life

  • BraveBear

    The Year of the Brave Bear

    This past May I found myself in the city of Fargo, North Dakota, for an event called Misfit Conference, which gathered approximately 150 misfits from around the globe, of all different walks of life,

    CATEGORY: Get Inspired!

  • SweetLips

    Sweet Lips – Our Summer Mailer

    We like to send quarterly mail to our clients because we know, no matter how big the internet gets, people still love getting awesomeness in the mail.

    CATEGORY: Company News & Updates

  • gloriousmess

    Embracing the Glorious Mess

    This is a quote I stumbled upon while on social media earlier this week, and it struck such a cord with me that I had to expand upon it further. Let's talk about beautiful messes.

    CATEGORY: This Creative Life

  • MDSGtalk_2014

    Sept 4 Talk – It’s Never Just A Website

    Learn how you should approach your next website project, including what you should know up front, the right questions to ask, and what to incorporate in your RFP.

    CATEGORY: Smart Business Advice

  • andIwonder

    And I Wonder…

    I was at a casual breakfast meeting on Monday at Metropolitan Cafe when a song came on in the background that sounded so familiar I broke away from the conversation to listen intently.

    CATEGORY: This Creative Life

  • Fargo

    Do You Fargo?

    I'm one of approximately 150 people who were pleasantly surprised while attending Misfit Conference in Fargo, North Dakota.

    CATEGORY: Design by Travel

  • EnRoute

    Magic at the Minneapolis Airport

    Why I almost cried in this Minneapolis Airport: my first flight came in a little early, leaving me just enough time to grab lunch before catching my next flight.

    CATEGORY: Design by Travel