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Tip: Formatting PDFs for Mobile/Tablet Viewing

POSTED July 12, 2013 | Design Resources

IF YOUR CLIENTS VIEW YOUR PROOFS ON THEIR SMART PHONES OR TABLETS, this tip is for you: It’s becoming a new trend for clients to view your print design proofs on their mobile or tablet devices. While computers and laptops are good at showing CMYK/Pantone color values close enough to get the general idea, these […]

Inspiration from Poster Caberet

POSTED February 13, 2011 | Awesome Find, Design Resources, Get Inspired!

Who doesn’t love posters? Especially artsy ones that are fun to look at, have very well thought out color palettes, and draw you in? At JWatson Creative, we enjoy looking at posters as a source of visual inspiration. We highly recommend that you check out Poster Caberet, a website were you can browse and buy […]

Type War! Test Your Knowledge

POSTED January 4, 2011 | Design Resources

Here’s a great find to test your knowledge and ability to recognize various type faces. This game is quite addictive, and there is an iPhone version too! Visit their website,, to test your skills!

Pantone Overload! – In A Good Way

POSTED August 26, 2010 | Design Resources

In a good way of course, we know you creatives out there love to see what’s going on in the world of Pantone, our favorite choice for color. Most recently, we have the Pantone Hotel in Brussels, which we imagine must be a designer’s fantasy come true. For those of us designers who haven’t made […]

Excellent Color Palette Resource

POSTED August 26, 2010 | Design Resources

We’d like to call your attention to an excellent resource for discovering new color palettes. This particular site, Design Seeds, features color trends and color palettes taken right from dynamic photographs and other not so random elements in nature and beyond. Design Seeds is “original content that is reference/inspiration for with a passion for design, […]

Extraordinary Design Inspiration Resource

POSTED April 6, 2010 | Design Resources

This website has a compilation of everything, and we highly recommend perusing through their website anytime you need to shake up your creative juices or just to have some designer eye candy. This is an excellent resource for inspiration and to get ideas. Check out Graphic Exchange. They change up their intro page every now […]

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