28 Days of Kindness

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A social campaign challenging the world to be intentionally kind.


28 Days of Kindness is a global, virtual campaign to promote awareness of doing good deeds for others. While you can easily share the love on any day or month of the year, we chose February for our month long virtual event. The challenge of doing a global campaign is how to you connect people from all over the world, exciting them about being more involved in their community and intentionally kind to others.


We put together a website explaining the idea. We chose fun, illustrated monsters and other creatures to make the project approachable and immediately elicit a smile from viewers. Then we created an open Facebook event, allowing friends to easily invite their friends to the event. We also created a hashtag that could be used on Twitter and Instagram. With each day the campaign grew by 100+ people, and on February 1st we kicked off with 1500 people, representing several states from coast to coast in the US, as well as Canada, Australia, France, England, Kenya and more. Every day throughout February we posted illustrated suggestions and inspiring words centered around kindness. Listen to the Baltimore Ignite Talk to learn more.

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