Joseph Logan

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Using extraordinary design to attract extraordinary leaders.


Joseph Logan is a coach that works with extraordinary people. In fact, he calls them extraordinary misfits. Joseph was looking for a way to attract his target audience by capturing them on an emotional level. He already had a logo, but we were looking to make that into a brand, an identity, and something he could really adopt as an extension of his company.


We had one word…… superhero. But in the traditional sense. We worked with Joseph to really hone in on what made his practice special. Ultimately, it was that he and his clientele were all people with big ambitions, those that had extraordinary dreams and didn’t quite fit. Those dreamers who were also doers. We came up with a color palette, imagery, and website to lay the foundation for the Joseph Logan brand. His project included a WordPress website, calling card, and one-pagers that briefly touch on his service offerings.

We're committed to quality design, establishing strong client relationships, and exceeding your expectations.

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