Sean Scheidt

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Fashion and lifestyle photographer connects with clients in a meaningful way.


Sean Scheidt is a portrait, fashion and editorial photographer based out of Baltimore, Los Angeles and New York City. Originally trained as a painter, he began incorporating photographic elements into his paintings until they became the dominant feature.  He believes in making photographs not just taking a picture; a level of control that can more accurately render ideas and narratives.  Relationships are essential.  An image is not only a dialogue between itself and a viewer, but a conversation between the photographer and subject.  That’s why he insists on upbeat and light-hearted shoots with great care and attention to detail. Sean Scheidt was looking for a meaningful way to connect with his target audience for contract work.


Sean Scheidt contracted JWatson Creative to develop printed promotional pieces that could be sent to his current clientele and target market. The final piece is actually wrapped in hemp cord, and then placed into a charcoal grey envelope and sent off in the mail. It has been extremely well received as a piece that highlights the diversity of his work and helps him secure new business.

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