Steph Davis

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Facing fear, choosing to fly, and motivating others to do the same.


Steph Davis in an iconic name in climbing. But behind the name, you’ll find a person with an incredible life story, a keen ability to connect with others, and a simplistic approach to life. Steph wanted to brand herself to be more inclusive of a diverse audience, to aid in gaining both speaking and sponsorship opportunities.


This was such a fun project from start to finish.¬†We designed Steph’s logo to incorporate a more abstract concept of flying, and worked directly with her to develop a set of brand colors and textures that draw on natural elements coupled with her fun personality. Moving along to the website, we wanted to create a site that was welcoming and engaging, while complimenting her personality. This site still pays homage to Steph’s active lifestyle as a professional athlete, and also gives equal attention to her motivational speaking and TEDx talk on Choosing to Fly. The end result is a fully responsive website, with several¬†backend enhancements to make it easy to navigate and user-friendly.

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